Our church uses the “Deacon Family Ministry” Plan.  The deacon body consists of the number necessary to meet the needs of the congregation as determined by the deacons and the pastor.  Deacons serve on a rotation three-year tenure of service.  The deacon family ministry plan assigns each deacon a number of families.  The deacon’s role is that of a servant who assists the pastor with ministering to church families in matters of illness, grief, emotional needs and celebrations such as births, graduations, etc.

Deacons who are currently serving:

Aubrey Batson (2019)

Gloria Burke (2019)

Cindy Folendore (2019)

Sharon Lord (2019)

Miles Whipple (2019)

Jim Davis (2020)

Marilyn Skinner (2021)

Danny Roberts (2021)

Deacon Officers for 2018-2019:

Chairperson:Cindy Folendore
Vice Chairperson:Jim Davis
Secretary:Gloria Burke