Sunday School


We believe Sunday School is our most important ministry. It gives our congregation the chance to build strong relationships and a Christian support network that allows a class to respond to ministry needs. The friendships developed in a Sunday School class help to foster Christian maturity which not only strengthens the class, but our church as a whole.
Sunday School is held every Sunday morning at 9:45 am. We practice open enrollment which means you can join a Sunday School class at anytime without being a member of our church. Kathy Self, our Sunday School Director, invites you to join us this Sunday.

SUNDAY SCHOOL    2016-2017


Sunday School Director: Kathy Self

Substitute:  Toni Holloway

Greeters:   Elaine Sweatland


Director – Pre-School & Children: Marlene Peavy

Secretaries: Tina Roberts, Jean Towns

Pianist: Georgia Ann Overman

Nursery/Toddlers: (Babies to 2 years):   Glenn Abbey

2 & 3 Years Old:

4 & 5 Years Old:

Children I: (1st & 2nd grades):  Rhonda Whipple

Children II: (3rd & 4th Grades): Hope Pennington, Lauren Deen

Children III (5th-6th Grades):  Taria Crump

YOUTH DIVISION   (7th-12th Grade):  Judie Kitchen, Olivia Hill


YAMS (Young Adults Ministering and Serving):  Linda Colwell, Sheila Lewis

Adult I:  Ken Turner, David Lewis

Adult II : Miles Whipple, Chris Colwell, substitute

 Adult III: Marilynn Skinner

Adult IV:  Gloria Burke, Dudley Johnson, Jim Davis, Joyce Johnson, Sallie Guy

Adult V (Ladies):  Cindy Folendore, Sharon Lord

 Adult IV (Men):  Key Christensen