Homework Helper Ministry

The Homework Helper Ministry began at HBC by the efforts of The Monday Night Men’s Prayer group and our R.A. and G.A. programs.    The Monday night group had been looking for ways to reach out to the spiritual needs of the community surrounding our church.   Someone suggested, as a way of making contact with these children, that we walk the neighborhood and handout basketballs, Frisbees, and such.   This was a wonderful day.   I wish you could have seen the faces and smiles of the children we say.  We also gave each of them a Bible and encouraged them to come to church.

Soon after that, our RA and GA kids were playing soccer in the field across from the church.  Several of the neighborhood kids gathered around and stood by watching.    The leaders of both groups asked these children to start attending RA’s and GA’s each Wednesday night.   This was in the fall of 2001.

The needs of these children were many.   As we grew to know and love them, we wanted to expand the ministry to address some of these needs.    We added what we now call Homework Helpers and invited them to have Wednesday night supper with us at no cost to them.    As the number if children grew, a bus ministry was added to get them to church and back home again.
A typical Homework Helpers night runs like this.   The children are picked up and brought to the church.   They get a small snack, sing a song, read a Bible verse and say a prayer for the day.  They then work with an adult volunteer on their homework for about forty-five minutes.   We break-up by age groups to have forty-five minutes of a Sunday School type lesson.   We have a short assembly period where the children get to tell the others what they learned in Bible study.   The evening is finished with a meal and a bus ride home.

It is wonderful blessing to be able to work with these children.    They have so few of the blessings in life that we sometimes take for granted.   Just the simple act of helping with homework or playing together on the playground means the world to them.

In time, the ministry grew to about thirty-five children.   This was wonderful, but trying to keep up with that many children in our downstairs Sunday School area was a challenge.   We contacted the Discipleship Christian Center just across the road and asked them to join us in the Homework Helpers ministry.   They offered to let us use their Fellowship Hall.   This has allowed us to have all the children in one big room.   We now have volunteers from HBC, Discipleship, Northridge Christian Center, and even Baldwin High School.

No one can judge the effect this ministry has had on the children who come through our doors.   However we can hold this to always be true; God only wants our efforts, small though they may be.   He is the one who changes hearts and saves souls.   A number of the Homework Helper kids have been baptized in our church.   Others unknown to us may well have been baptized in other churches.   And who know what the future holds.    The seeds planted will grow and mature as the Good Lord sees fit.